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Financial planning to pay for your child’s education is one of the greatest gifts that your child will ever receive from you. We are independent education planning experts and we can give you manageable financial solutions to help you put money away to invest in your child’s future.

The cost of financial planning for education in South Africa

Higher education, whether it is at a university, college or at any other institution, does not come cheap and education fees in South Africa are continually escalating. Most people know that getting a diploma or degree is already a very expensive and time-consuming exercise – imagine what the university fees will be when your child is ready for their tertiary education?

This rising cost of tuition fees highlights how important it is to strategise with a professional financial planner about how you will provide for education costs.

The good news is, that whether your child has already started high school or is just taking his or her first few steps, there are financial solutions for their education needs.

Experienced financial planners for higher learning

Counterstrike Consulting cc offers a solution for further education by giving you an individual financial assessment to determine your needs and goals. You might not know whether your child wants to become a doctor, a lawyer or a public relations expert – but by making the necessary provisions for your child’s education, you are giving them a head start in life that they won’t forget!

Although many young people get student loans, this leaves them at an enormous disadvantage when entering the working force. Paying off huge student loan debt will take them many years and this at a time in their life when they will probably be doing internships, their articles or be accepting lower paying jobs to kick start their careers. A savings facility for education that will grow over time is the best solution for future planning that you can invest in!

Planning in advance for these future expenses is something that should be done immediately. Act now by contacting one of our team experts to find out how we can help you pay for your child’s higher education!