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Employee Benefits for Companies

Although many people talk about “basic employee benefits” as if these are the simplest things for a firm to provide, the truth is that the majority of companies in South Africa do not provide employee benefits.

The term “cost to company package” is known to be more alluring to new recruits than the term “basic employee benefits” and many job hunters look for the nett annual salary (instead of focusing on their basic health and pension needs for the future).

Are companies concerned with employee benefits?

The good news is that many companies are concerned about providing their employees with benefits.

The advantages are numerous:
  • Employees feel that their employers are investing in their future by providing them with pension funds.
  • When an employee’s basic health care is taken care of, it eliminates a lot of the stress associated with medical aids and health care bills.
Allow your employees to focus on their jobs and work environment by removing unnecessary stress! Provide basic employee benefits and reap the rewards of a positive environment at the work place.

Example of basic employee benefits:

  • Health care
  • Life cover
  • Disability cover
  • Retirement benefits
  • Income protection

When to give employees basic benefits

It is wise to let new employees work a probation period (usually three months) before you allow them to start receiving employee benefits.

This way, you can be sure that the person has long-term goals with the company and you won’t be wasting employee benefit packages on somebody who is going to be resigning soon.

Counterstrike Consulting cc are independent employee benefit specialists. We can advise you with regards to different employee benefit packages that can suit your company.

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