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We are independent estate planning consultants and can give you the expert financial advice that you need to insure that your spouse, children and loved ones are taken care of when you are no longer here to provide for their financial needs.

What is estate planning?

Estate planning may seem complicated and many people put off their personal estate planning because it is too hard to think about what will happen to all your assets, investments and finances when your time comes. The truth is that you can make things much easier for your family and loved ones when you prepare ahead of time.

When should you start your financial estate planning?

The best time for estate planning is when you start to acquire assets of value such as a vehicle, home, investments, policies, etc. At this point in time you need someone to give you advice about writing a will and doing estate planning for your future.

Do you need a will?

Yes you do, but many people neglect to set up a proper will because they feel that either,

a) they don’t have enough assets to merit a formally written will, or
b) they feel that they still have lots of time to sort ‘this’ out.

Unexpected things can happen at any point in your life – a will and professional estate planning will ensure that the things that matter to you get to your loved ones.

What is involved in estate planning?

Once your will is taken care of and you are satisfied with the result, a detailed estate planning strategy is put together. This estate management plan includes your finances, assets, investments, policies, retirement funds, annuities and any other elements you might have.

Your beneficiaries are included and named. These are the people that will be in possession of the wealth you have accumulated when you are gone. It is important to remember that estate management is not only for people who have acquired a great deal of wealth over many years – everybody should take the time to invest in estate planning by a professional financial consultant.

Counterstrike Consulting cc has helped many people with estate planning and we pride ourselves in giving a straightforward, transparent service. Due to there being various tax implications involved in estate planning – we are the people you need to give you the necessary advice about estate planning and how it affects you and your tax.