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Medical debt can cripple almost anybody, regardless of their financial position. Make sure you have someone that can advise you on your medical planning!

Medical aids and medical schemes in South Africa

There are a wide range of medical aids and medical scheme options in South Africa, all with their own benefits and pitfalls. Many young people simply search the internet for medical aids and take the option with the most benefits, be it medical or other attractive options such as free gym subscriptions and cheap airfare tickets.

Although comprehensive hospital care is the first and foremost necessity, your medical needs and what you require from a medical scheme will most probably increase as you grow older and/or get married, have children, etc.

Medical debt is the no.1 cause for bankruptcy in America and even though medical bills havenít been the cause of as many South Africans losing their homes, the truth remains that we have no control over when we will need emergency funds for medical needs.

Why you need us?

The reason you need an independent financial consultant for medical planning is because we have expert knowledge about each companyís policy, benefits and disadvantages.

When your needs change, we give you new options that always suit your income, needs and what you want from a medical aid.

Medical planning for companies

There are many benefits for both employers and employees in belonging to a group health insurance plan. As a business owner or HR manager, you will know that your employees are your most important asset Ė take care of them and you will also be rewarded!

There are also many tax benefits when it comes to group medical schemes for companies in South Africa. Our financial planning consultants are independent, objective and have a vast amount of knowledge about medical aid benefits for companies and employees, as well as how to make sure that you get the tax benefits that you are entitled to.

Contact us to find out more about how each personís premium can be lowered, what tax advantages could benefit your company and what group health care options will suit you!