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The basics of financial planning

Financial planning entails the continuous planning around the accumulation, conservation, eventual distribution and, of course, the use of your assets during the different stages of your life.

What is financial planning about?

Financial planning is to a large degree based on when and how you spend your money, with the aim of ensuring that your assets will provide maximum benefit for yourself and your family in the long term.

It’s all about trying to properly manage downside risk (threats – wealth protection) and upside risk (opportunity – wealth creation). Downside risks would include damage or loss to property, dying too soon, outliving your income or becoming ill or disabled. Upside risk is concerned with maximising opportunities for wealth creation.

Thorough planning is the only sensible way to survive in today’s fast-changing world.

How can we help you?

A competent financial adviser can help you ensure that your plans are more effective, fair and legally implementable.

Financial advisers are being forced like never before to consider where they can really add value for their clients.

The financial adviser who acts only as a distribution channel for financial products/services and who focuses only on single need sales, will come under pressure in this new environment to justify their value added in return for the commission they earn.

At Counterstrike Consulting CC we focus on adding value by giving sound, appropriate objective advice and doing proper personal financial planning for people, performed with due care and diligence, competence and ethical advice.

While financial advice comes in many forms (and from many sources), personal financial planning involves a thorough review and analysis of all aspects of your financial affairs, and the preparation of a comprehensive individualised plan to help you achieve financial security in the long term.

Counterstrike’s financial planning is performed according to internationally accepted standards.
  1. Counterstrike will collect of all relevant information, such as income, assets, liabilities, tax returns, records of share transactions, insurance policies, other investments, wills, pension plans.

  2. Counterstrike will assess goals and life targets ie both financial and personal. Including support of dependants, parents or others, children’s education, retirement planning, relief of current financial pressure.

  3. Counterstrike Identifies the financial problems eg too high a tax burden, too little or too much insurance, cash flow, investment returns, complete risk analysis.

  4. Counterstrike is acutely aware that there is no “one plan fits all”. Recommendations will be designed and structured to each individual client’s personal needs. No matter how simple or complex. These strategies will be supplied in writing.

  5. Counterstrike prefers to assist with the implementation of these strategies. However, the client is able to implement these with a broker of their choice

  6. Counterstrike will co-operate in monitoring the implementation of these strategies if they are implemented elsewhere, if required.

  7. Counterstrike is committed to reviewing a client’s financial and other plans regularly. This assists in the achieving of goals. It is a wise client who has a check up annually. Life changes, dreams change, economic conditions change.

Professional financial planning is a highly skilled science and should be entrusted to professionals who have the qualifications and the correct back-up support to undertake a task of this nature.