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Our independent retirement, pension and provident fund planners are here to ensure that you do not have financial stresses by the time you are finished working and ready to retire.

To achieve your retirement goals, it is necessary to start planning for your retirement at a young age. For most of your life, you will be working long hours why not invest in your future so that you have the means to travel, relax and live life the way you want to live it during your golden years?

Financial planning for your retirement

Many companies do not have sufficient retirement and provident fund packages that they offer to their employees. It often happens that people who think they have an adequate retirement policy, come to retiring and realise that their policy is not bringing them the returns on their investment that they were lead to believe it would.

It is important to know that successful retirement planning requires you to be prepared and intentional about your retirement policies, provident fund and retirement planning.

What to consider when it comes to your retirement planning

Besides being able to maintain a high standard of living during your retirement, there are also other aspects that would influence your finances during retirement. These aspects include:
  • Your health
  • Legal issues
  • Care for your spouse and loved ones
  • Housing issues
  • Safety issues
These are only a few of the important points to consider when you structure a pension and retirement policy. A lot more goes into retirement planning than just a financial plan.

Counterstrike Consulting cc is an experienced independent financial retirement consultancy firm that will tell you exactly what you need to know and the appropriate steps when it comes to your retirement planning.

Even though people keep telling you that retiring is your responsibility, we make it ours. We are independent financial consultants who are not bound to sell specific products for specific companies we give you an objective financial assessment that allows us to establish what the best retirement policy is for you!