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Counterstrike Consulting cc is a team of proactive and independent financial planners, who will do more than just respond to your needs, but work alongside you to help you achieve your financial goals.

Today’s environment is fast moving, complex, and highly competitive. Everyone needs the support of professional financial consultants who provide on-time, effective solutions to help them move forward.

We have outlined some of our services and what we can offer for each service below:

Corporate Financial Services
Personal Financial Services
Asset Protection
Estate Planning
Personal Financial Difficulty
International Financial Services

Corporate Financial Services

Corporate Financial Services
Organisations should count the Directors, Shareholders and Employees as their most important assets. Therefore, it is important to protect them with the provision of benefits, these benefits can also deliver tax benefits for your business.

Counterstrike Consulting cc can provide clear guidance on the selection and implementation of a range of scenarios not restricted to the following:

  • Employee Benefits
  • Medical Aid Schemes
  • Pension Schemes
  • Provident Funds
  • Group Life Assurance
  • Income Protection Schemes
  • Key Person Assurance
  • Deferred Compensation
  • Preferred Compensation
  • Shareholder Protection Cover
  • Asset Protection

Personal Financial Services

Personal Financial Services
There are a bewildering range of personal financial products currently available and choosing the ones that are right for you requires professional, unbiased and objective financial advise. Counterstrike Consulting cc offers guidance on planning your personal financial affairs.

Authorised under the Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services Act, we can offer investment advice on the following areas:

  • Individual Savings Products
  • Investments
  • Wealth Planning
  • Health Insurance
  • Mortgages
  • Retirement and Estate Planning
  • Life Strategies and Targets
  • Employee Benefits including Pensions,
    Provident Funds, Life Assurance
  • Medical Benefits

We can also help you make provision for the future of your dependants with advise on creating a Will and minimising the burden of Inheritance Tax and easing the transition of handling the estate.

As with all aspects of our service we aim to work with our clients to enable you to maximise your wealth and to build value and security for your family as well as your business.

Asset Protection

Asset Protection
Asset protection is often neglected as part of business planning. It is crucial that you plan for unforeseen circumstances that could influence you and your family if something were to happen to your business.

Have you ever thought what would happen to you and your family if your creditors took possession of everything you own? Consider the mental anguish of not knowing where your next meal is coming from, while everybody is trying to squeeze another Rand out of you.

We can give you the objective financial advice that you need!



Our highly skilled consultants can consult on both personal and corporate tax issues in South Africa. We also have associations with companies who can complete your tax and other returns, while continuing to advise you on the best ways to receive the most tax benefits from your personal and corporate financial planning.

Estate Planning

Estate Planning

At Counterstrike Consulting cc we can ensure that your personal estate is properly managed. Our comprehensive service spans advice on tax-efficiency and investments, advice on drafting a will and appointing executors with you and your estate’s best interests firmly in mind.

Personal Financial Difficulty

Personal Financial Difficulty
It is vital for individuals to seek practical, specialised help in cases of severe personal financial difficulty.

At Counterstrike Consulting cc we offer the same high level of standards and expertise in matters of personal financial difficulty as we do for our corporate clients. Our experienced team is on hand to provide a supportive resource that you can rely on at this difficult time, combining objective opinions with practical solutions.

We will need to assess your current position, examine the possible options that may be open to you and then discuss how they can be implemented. By doing this assessment we will have a clear understanding of your personal needs and we will be able to establish the way forward by relieving some stress from your day to day life.

International Financial Services

Counterstrike Consulting cc is a specialist in “Offshore Company Structuring”. We have spent a number of years researching and developing strong, tax efficient, legal and appropriate structures for our many “Global Business Clients”.

We have been appointed as the sole representatives in Africa for one of the world’s leading Global Corporate Services Companies, as well as a handful of other similar service providers.

We encourage you to discuss your “Offshore Structuring” needs with us, so that we can take you through all the advantages and opportunities that appropriate Offshore Structuring can offer you, your business, your family and your dynamic needs.

What is the Financial Planning Process and why is it my problem?

The Personal Financial Planning process are the steps by which we give you an objective personal financial assessment to determine your financial situation. We can advise you on how to reach your financial goals and make investments that will benefit you in the future.

Some of the financial aspects that we will take into consideration while doing an independent financial assessment include:
  • Salary
  • Other income – interest, dividends, rent, widows pension, business interest, other
  • Salary sacrifices
  • Deductions and exemptions
  • Money saved for retirement – including company
  • Pension/Provident Funds and personal Retirement Funds
  • Other investments – endowments, unit trusts, savings accounts, other
  • All liabilities – bonds, overdrafts, loans, business loans, credit cards, other
  • Your monthly cost of living (realistically)
  • Monthly savings and-or shortfall
  • Your lifestyle goals including those in the near future and in the medium and long term
  • Business interests
  • Property and other valuable assets
We ask pertinent questions, like:

What do you think it would cost you to live if you were retired or you became chronically ill or disabled?

What would happen to your family financially if you died?

By answering these questions (and planning ahead of time), you can ensure continuing financial stability!

The best way to make this process effective is to do this exercise with professional financial planners, like ourselves, who will be able to point out important issues that you may not think of. We will have information at our fingertips as to the realities of the attainment of your goals.

Please feel free to contact us for any type of personal or corporate financial solutions!

CS Platinum – Pension and Provident Fund Solutions

Counterstrike Consulting has launched a new division within the company called CS Platinum, that will provide superior pension and provident fund services.

"9 out of 10 people can’t retire and a minimum of people have an adequate retirement fund – our company is passionate about helping employers provide economical, reputable and mutually beneficial retirement packages to their employees," says Mervyn Sacks, managing director of Counterstrike Consulting.

Counterstrike Consulting has been providing distinctive retirement and employee solutions for a number of years. Their new division, however, will be a dedicated retirement fund administration centre to provide further enhanced service and support to clients.

"Employees reach a certain age before they realise that they started planning for their retirement too late. This can have a catastrophic effect when the person can no longer provide for his or her dependents. Employers can ensure that people make responsible decisions about for their retirement by belonging to a provident or pension fund," says Sacks.

The company has acquired advanced industry knowledge in retirement and provident funds over the years, placing them in the ideal position to advise and manage client portfolios. CS Platinum is also fully licensed to manage umbrella funds as well as secure futures.

What makes CS Platinum different?

CS Platinum offers clients a dedicated management team and the most knowledgeable, technologically advanced team at your service. "CS Platinum is committed to value and personalised service – we don’t believe in call centres and nameless faces behind telephone calls. We aim to create long-term, ongoing relationships with clients," says Sacks.

Counterstrike Consulting’s pension fund division has a customised retirement fund arrangement that gives members ownership of their funds. A board of trustees has been appointed that insure optimal investments and oversee all transactions. Actuaries, auditors and a retirement fund committee are appointed by the board of trustees.

Umbrella funds

Employers are able to simply plug into an existing administration and management platform that provides retirement and risk benefits to their employees. "Investment managers, risk underwriters, disability management services, communication services and administrator services are in place to handle and manage all umbrella funds to enable employers to capitalise on existing platforms and structures," explains Sacks.

"What makes our service different is that we have an open door policy at CS Platinum, giving employers full access to up-to-date, understandable data and information.

Benefits of the CS Platinum solution
  • No call centre
  • Daily balancing
  • Optimum business process
  • No termination penalties
  • Cost effective
  • Top performing investment portfolios

Counterstrike Consulting is an independent financial consultancy based in Gauteng. For more information, contact us now!